About Mochi Couture


Mochi Couture is a women-led company that was co-founded by sisters after taking inspiration from their beloved cat, Chi. “Chi, our rescue cat, unfortunately suffers from a condition that causes her to obsessively lick her fur off. After several failed treatments and potentially harmful medications, we decided to try an alternative. In order to help her control her urges, we designed a line of cat clothing made just for her. The idea worked out perfectly and it was pretty darn cute too!"

Mochi Couture provides a full range of feline clothing and accessories from tank tops, to sweaters, to coats, and even festive costumes and collars. Our products target a wide range of customers; especially, owners of hairless cats (like Sphinx cats), surgery recovering cats that don’t enjoy wearing the dreaded “cone”, and cats with particular medical issues.

Today, Mochi Couture has expanded its platform and ships worldwide to provide adorable cat clothing accessible to everyone!